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"No group, no society, nor any spiritual movement, or otherwise conformed to methods into group loyalty in the social society (social and animal), will receive the ultimate development which is excluded for and given for him PERSONALLY! Only due to the INDIVIDUAL aspects of the Lurian kabbalah what is the everlasting method that is in this time revealed to the human race, there is a positive chance. Therefore are given to this world the books of Ari and the Zohar so that every individual and in that way the whole human race - can receive the ultimate release of his own egoistic slavery."

                                                                                   Michael-ben-Pesach Portnaar


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Learn Zohar with Rabbi in the Kabbalah
Michael-ben-Pesach Portnaar

Michael-ben-Pesach Portnaar was born in 1947 in the Ukraine. During the years of the seventies of last century, he was an official student at the Talmud-university in Moscow.


In the beginning of 2002 Michael Portnaar received his life's dedication. Gently yet expressively, he was requested to reveal the Lurian Kabbalah to humanity IN THE PRACTICE OF EVERYDAY'LIFE. On Michael's response: "They will not believe me".
Luria answered:
"You are my true disciple and you are rabbi for your entire generation. Break Kabbalah open!! For this reason Michael does not hide it anymore..

His method, all his knowledge and experience he transmits to his students and teachers in training around the whole world and in particular in the Netherlands and Belgium, he draws on the Lurian Kabbalah and the Zohar. He studies manuscripts and books from the most secret sources in their original languages: Aramaic and Hebrew. In the Netherlands, in 2002, Michael-ben-Pesach Portnaar set up the educational Centre for Lurian Kabbalah (CLK). He gives ongoing courses in Amsterdam, open to everyone. It is also possible to follow this study online.

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It is known that the kabbalah is a secret wisdom. But it is this secrecy, this mystery around the kabbalah, which gave cause for many legends, fallacy, profaning, empty conversations, rumours, ignorant arguing and false conclusions around her. Itschak Luria Ashkenasi (ARI); is through the ages the most famous of all kabbalists. He is named also with the name of the "Divine Itschak or ARIZAL",
by the addition of the particle ZAL- what means óf enlightened memory-. Although he lived in the 16th century, his masterpieces were hidden and inaccessible till now.

In his, not to equalised book "Ets Chaim" (The Tree of life) and "Sjmone sjaarim" (Eight gates) he expounds his views over the order of creating the creation, the spiritual descending of the Only Creating strengths to our world and an unequivocally explanation of the causal treaties between a spiritual root and what comes forth on every descending step.

With his uncommonly mystic language he describes the structure of the universe, the cycle of the souls, the secret of the Hebrew characters and the future of humankind.


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Notice: Bet Ari

For the first time in the existence of the Centre for Lurian Kabbalah I now feel a full-grown need for a kind of a house of prayer, call it a synagogue, for our fixed circle of colleagues on the path of truth. Everyone who yearns for the true spirituality may enter this place on Saturdays and holidays, Sjabbat and Jomiem Toviem, in order to receive his/her portion of celestial manna. This house will be named BET ARI, the house of Ari. It will be known internationally, so that everyone who stays in Amsterdam can visit this unique kabbalistic house of prayer. Everyone will be welcomed pleasantly and warmly.

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